Shilajit Dosage: How to Use Shilajit

How much shilajit should I take?The average shilajit dosage is roughly 300 mg, or between 100 and 500 mg.


Shilajit Dosage for Men

Men of average weight and height should start with 300 mg of shilajit per day, and increase from there up to 500 mg daily dosage as needed. If you are having difficulty sleeping, decrease the dosage to 200 mg or even 100 mg.


Shilajit Dosage for Women

Women of average weight and height should start with a slightly lower shilajit dosage of 200 mg.

How to Measure Shilajit:

Measuring the dosage of our semi-solid shilajit is a bit of a guessing game unless you have a food scale. We recommended using a scale or borrowing one from a friend once or twice, at least until you get the hang of how many milligrams each shilajit dose should be. Otherwise the dosage is about the size of a small pea.

How to Use Shilajit

Shilajit in semi-solid/resinous form is relatively easy to use, but you do need to learn how to take shilajit resin. Its not quite as simple as taking it in capsule form, but the benefits of using genuine, pure, semi-solid shilajit resin far outweigh this small inconvenience.

Shilait dosage - how to use shilajitFor best results, dissolve your daily dosage of shilajit in about 6 ounces of hot water.  The shilajit should dissolve in warm water in 60-90 seconds while rapidly stirring. The hotter the water the quicker the shilajit will dissolve. Hot water from the tap works great, but a quicker way to heat your water is to microwave it for a short time (do not microwave the shilajit). If a small clump is not dissolving when stirring you may rub it against the side of the glass with the spoon or your finger to quickly break it up.

Drink the shilajit solution preferably on an empty stomach in the morning for maximum absorption into the blood stream. Avoid taking shilajit at night as it may cause difficult sleeping if taken too late in the evening.


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The benefits of shilajit are immeasurable. Each person’s unique body chemistry interacts with shilajit to boost your energy, detoxify your blood, and improve your health. Try shilajit now to see the benefits in your life!

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