100% Pure Shilajit

We Provide the Best Shilajit Available.

Shilajit has many benefits, including boosting the immune system, aiding sexual health and performance, providing mental clarity and focus, as well as detoxifying the blood. These are just a few examples of the huge impact our product can have on your life.

100% Safe

100% Safe

Other products may contain toxic levels of heavy metals and organic contaminants. Our pure shilajit is tested in an accredited lab to make sure it is safe for consumption. See our Certificate of Analysis to learn more.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Think it will be tough to take your daily dose? It’s not! Simply break off a small piece and dissolve it in a glass of warm water or milk. Learn more about specific dosage amount and usage.

Pure and Potent


Our product is harvested in the Himalayan mountains in both India and Nepal. Each batch is tested for purity to ensure that we sell only the highest quality and purest product.

The Importance of Himalayan Shilajit

Many companies who sell shilaljit source it from the Altai mountains, or other parts of the world. Himalayan shilajit is much higher quality, however. If you want to see the most benefit in your life and health, be sure to choose only the highest quality shilajit – straight from the Himalayas in Nepal.


Constant Testing

Our shilajit is the best available online. It’s as simple as that. Our shilajit is tested constantly, unlike our competitors, because we are passionate about supplying you with the safest, most effective product available.

Lab Tested

Multiple Testing Sources

We test using multiple labs to ensure that the quality is there.


Rigorous Quality Controls

Because each harvest of shilajit is different, each batch must independently pass our rigorous quality control tests.

Supplying you with the highest quality shilajit is our goal. See our most recent test results
to see the details of the report, and learn more about the safety of our product.